Those Guys provides Asbestos and Lead Abatement; Mercury, Mould, services to a diverse range of commercial, industrial, residential and government clients. Due to the type of work environment the comes with Hazardous waste remove, it is very important that your contractor is certified and is properly licensed, insured and covered with WCB.


Testing & Abatement

Asbestos is difficult to detect. Generally, if the presence of asbestos is even remotely suspected, you should avoid coming into any contact with it and contact an expert.

However, it can't hurt to know the warning signs. Asbestos can occur in many different places. Most commonly, we find it in various forms of pipe insulation, vinyl floor tiles and vermiculite attic insulation.



To test for asbestos, the experts at Those Guys remove samples from an at-risk area or object and send them to an accredited lab for proper identification.


Don't take chances with a dangerous material like asbestos. If you suspect it in your workplace or home, don't touch it! Instead, let the experts at Those Guys handle it.

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